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Thanks A Bunch Card

Shopping List

card stock, red construction paper, gold glitter, 1 thick paintbrush, 1 fine tipped paintbrush, white computer paper, tacky glue, glue pen, yellow, blue and green paint, yellow foam paper, scissors, wet wipes and a black sharpie.

 How do I make a card?

Step One- Get your white computer paper, yellow and blue paint, thick paintbrush and wet wipes out and ready. Then paint your child’s palm yellow and press onto the white paper. Wipe hand clean with wet wipes.

Step two- Using the same sheet of white paper paint four of your child’s fingers blue excluding the thumb and press onto the paper. Wipe hands clean and allow paint to dry.

Step three- Cut out a large square like shape from the green card stock to create a background for the card. With the leftover card stock cut out an oval.

Step four- Use your red construction paper to cut out a square (smaller than the card stock). With your tacky glue paste your red square on top of the green card stock.

Step five- If the paint is dry cut out your child’s palm print.  Next cut out each individual finger print.

Step six- With tacky glue past the green card stock oval onto the red construction paper. The oval services as a plate for your hand print cake.

 Step seven- Paste your yellow palm print on the top of your oval followed by your blue fingerprint cutouts which you paste above the palm print cake to make candles.

Step eight- using you scissors and yellow foam paper cut out four tear drop shapes to serve as flames for your fingerprint candles. Tacky glue them above the fingerprints.

Step nine- With your sharpie write "Happy Birthday" and also add the year and your child’s name to the craft along with arrows that point out the fingerprint candles and palm print cake.

Step ten- with your fine tip paintbrush and green paint create wiggly lines across the palm print cake to look like icing. Allow time to dry.

Step eleven- Use your glue pen to outline the red square and glitter with gold.

Tip- If your child is patient and old enough you can make the cake without having to cut individual parts and assemble them by painting the palm and then the fingers and pressing them onto the sheet all at once.


You’re a Hole In One Dad Card…

Shopping List

One sheet decorative card stock, one strip of orange construction paper, two sheet of computer paper, one sheet of green construction paper, green paint, brown paint, blue paint, red paint, black paint, white paint, one thick paint brush, one fine tipped paint brush, wet wipes, scissors, tacky glue, school glue, glue pen, one red sharpie, one black sharpie, brown glitter, green glitter, and blue glitter.

How do I make a Hole In One Card?

 Step one- Get your thick paintbrush, wet wipes, paints, and computer paper ready. Paint the bottom of child’s foot green excluding toes (if they scrunch their toes and toe prints are on the paper cut around them) and press onto white computer paper. Wipe foot clean with wet wipes and allow time to dry.

Step two- Get your brown paint ready and paint the palm of your child’s hand brown find an open space on your footprint stamped computer paper and press the brown palm print onto the paper. Wipe clean with wet wipes. If there is another open space on the paper repeat with blue paint and make a blue palm print.

Step three- Using scissors cut a square from your decorative card stock. Make sure its big enough to hold your card greeting and footprint palm print golf course.

Step four- with your scissors cut a lumpy circle from your green construction paper (make sure it will fit your prints) then glue to your card stock square. Leave a little space near the top for your greeting.

Step five- Take your second sheet of white computer paper and cut out a rectangle. Use your red sharpie to write "Happy Father’s Day" and below that write "You're a hole in one Dad... Love, (your child’s name)".

Step six- Cut out another rectangle (larger than the first) from your orange construction paper. Paste your father’s day greeting on top of your orange rectangle with school glue then use tacky glue the orange rectangle onto the decorative card stock above the lumpy green circle.

Step seven- With scissors cut out your two palm print and footprint then paste with school glue to your green circle. Apply in the order you prefer but leave space for a flag on the footprint and a glitter outline on all three.

Step eight- Use your black paint and fine tip paint brush to make a flagpole on your footprint green. Also use red paint to paint the flag coming from the end of the flagpole. Allow time to dry. Then add a small white paint drop to serve as a golf ball next to your flagpole.

Step nine- After all paint has dried use your glue pen to outline your footprint green and then glitter with green glitter. Allow time to dry then outline you brown palm print and glitter brown. This is your sand trap. After your sand trap has dried use your glue pen to outline your blue palm print and add ripple lines to the center. This is your pond.

Step ten- After everything has dried use your red sharpie to add the year your craft was made to the bottom right hand side of craft then use your black sharpie to label your "footprint green", "palm print pond" and "palm print sand trap."


Feeling Fishy Father’s Day Card

What you will need

red glitter, brown glitter, blue glitter, glue pen, school glue, tacky glue, one inch piece of yarn, brown paper bag, sandpaper (optional), black sharpie marker, red sharpie marker, one sheet decorative card stock, one sheet white construction paper, one sheet white computer paper, one sheet green construction paper, one blue colored pencil, one green colorations stamp pad, one orange colorations stamp pad, scissors, two wiggle eyes, and underwater glitter foam stickers (seaweed, starfish, and bubbles).

How do I make a Fishy Father’s Day Card?

Step one- Use your green and orange stamp pad to stamp your child’s handprint onto your white computer paper. Do the left hand orange and the right hand green. Wipe clean with wet wipes.

Step two- Using your blue colored pencil. Shade the entire white construction paper blue to create an ocean.

Step three- Using your scissors and your brown paper bag create a half circle to serve as the bottom of your boat (set aside). Using the leftover brown paper bag or your sandpaper (sandpaper will add texture to the card) cut out sand piles at the top of your paper with scissors. leave the bottom of the paper straight.

Step four- Glue your sand piles to the bottom of the ocean you made on the white construction paper with school glue. Next use tacky glue and paste the ocean construction paper to the decorative card stock. Also use tacky glue to past your half circle boat bottom to the top right side of the decorative card stock.

Step five- Use your green construction paper and cut out a jagged sunburst shape. Then use your black sharpie to write "Happy Father’s Day from your Greatest Catch" or "Two Greatest Catches." Change the words to apply to your school of fish. Tacky glue green sunburst shape to the right hand side of your decorative card stock.

Step six- Glue your one inch piece of yarn to the right hand corner at the top of your boat. Curve the yarn up a little at the tip. Allow all paper and glue to dry.

Step seven- With your black sharpie draw a hook at the end of your yarn. Then write "Love, (your child or children’s name)" and the year the craft was made with your sharpie at the bottom of the card stock.

Step eight- Go back to the computer paper with your child’s handprint and cut out each one. Glue your child’s handprints with school glue onto the ocean thumbprint facing down; then use tacky glue to add one wiggle eye to each fish.

Step nine- Use your red sharpie to draw a smile onto your fish below your wiggle eye.

Step ten- Use your glue pen to outline the sand piles and the bottom of you boat. Also use the glue pen to write "The (last name of child" across the boat then glitter brown. Allow time to dry.

Step eleven- Use your glue pen to outline the ocean on your card then glitter blue. Allow time to dry.

Step twelve- Use your glue pen and outline the year the card was created along with the green sunburst then glitter red.

Step thirteen- After all the glitter has dried. Add your underwater foam seaweed, starfish, and bubbles


Rainy Day or April Showers Art!

Shopping List

Blue Colorations Stamp Pad, Wet Wipes, Scissors, Green Colorations Stamp Pad, Pink Marker, Glue Stick, Tacky Glue, Red Straw, Pink Cupcake Wrapper, White Construction Paper, Black Sharpie, Picture of Child in Raincoat or Child Playing in the Rain.

How do I make a Rainy Day or April Showers Picture with my Little One?

Step One- Start by snapping a photo of your little one in their rain coat.

Step Two- Print picture of little one in raincoat from flash drive.

Step Three- Open your green stamp pad and stamp your child's index and middle finger green.

 Step Four- Stamp along the bottom end of the white construction paper creating blades of grass from the finger prints.

Step Five- Using a wet wipe clean green ink from child’s hands.

Step Six- Get out you blue colorations stamp pad and using the fingertips of your child's fingers stamp them blue.

Step Seven- Press your child's fingers onto the paper creating blue rain marks. Add as many as you desire then clean hand with a wet wipe.

 Step Eight- Cut the outline of your child from your printed picture and glue with tacky glue onto construction paper just above the Fingerprint grass.

 Step Nine- With scissors snip straw and tacky glue it near the hand of your child's cut out.

 Step Ten- Fold a pink cupcake wrapper in half and tacky glue one of the folded sides above the straw rod onto your construction paper. Creating a 3D effect.

 Step Eleven- With your pink marker add your child's name and date to the project along with the title Rainy Day Art or April Showers...

Step Twelve- With your black sharpie label your fingertip grass and finger print rain drops.


Handprint Bunny

Shopping List

 Paint brush, blue, white, and pink construction paper, wet wipes, paper plate, wiggly eyes, purple ribbon, white tempera paint, scissors, black sharpie, glue stick, tacky glue, glue pen, pink glitter, and pink colored pencil

 How to make a Handprint Bunny

 Step one- Take your white paint and put a small drop onto your paper plate.

 Step two- Get your paint brush, wet wipes, and blue construction paper ready.

 Step three- Paint your child’s left hand white then place onto blue construction paper and remove. Wipe your child’s hand then repeat with their right hand.

 Step four- Using your white construction paper cut out the shape of the bunny’s head (somewhat of a pear shape without the stem).

Step five- With your glue stick glue the white face shape onto the blue construction paper beneath the two handprints.

Step six- Take two wiggly eyes and glue them to the face with tacky glue.

 Step seven- Using your scissors and pink construction paper cut out a nose for the bunny then use your glue stick to place it on the rabbit face beneath the eyes.

 Step eight- Draw a mouth and freckles onto your rabbit with the sharpie.

 Step nine- Using your scissors (or hole puncher if you have one) make two slits near the thumbs of the handprints , then cut a piece of ribbon and feed each side through the back of the holes. Even out the ribbon and tie into a bow.

 Step ten- With the pink colored pencil shade the cheeks of your bunny.

 Step eleven- Use your glue pen to outline the nose and bottom lip of your bunny then sprinkle with pink glitter. [Hint- If the glitter sticks to unwanted areas on your craft use a cotton swab to remove it].

 Step twelve- Use your sharpie to write your child’s name along with the year on the bottom of their bunny.

Things to Remember- If your child is old enough to use a glue stick let them place the face, and nose where they want and allow them to point to the area they think the wiggle eyes should go and you can put the tacky glue where they say. If your child is old enough to cut with training scissors allow them to cut out the nose and face shape. You can also allow them to draw the face and freckles with supervision.


Hand Print Leprechaun
In honor of Saint Patrick’s Day we are posting a little early.  There are so many fun activities you can do with just your toddler’s hand print.  Here is a crafty little leprechaun!
Shopping List...  
Green card stock, red, green, white, yellow, and brown Tempera paint, orange yarn, green, black, and gold glitter, Tacky glue, glue pen, wet wipes, 1 thin paintbrush, 2 thick paint brushes, green construction paper, orange marker, paper plate, scissors, and wiggle eyes.

How do I make a hand print Leprechaun?

 Step one- Take your sheet of green card stock and cut it into a shape (a clover would be cute) of your choice.

Step two- Using a paper plate mix brown and white to create a skin tone for your leprechaun. Then add a dollop of red paint to your plate.

Step three- Get your card stock out and ready with the white side facing you. Take your thick paint brush and paint the palm of your baby’s hand with your skin tone paint next using your other thick paint brush paint the baby’s fingers red excluding the thumb.

 Step four- Press your child’s painted hand onto the white side of the cardstock then clean up baby’s hang with wet wipes.

 Step five- Allow the paint to dry then paint the cardstock yellow around the handprint. Next use your thin paint brush to add small dots of green paint onto the yellow.

 Step six- Using the leftover card stock cut out a hat for your leprechaun and glue it onto the paper. After you have glued the hat use a glue pen to glitter a black band onto the hat; once the black glitter has dried add a small dot to the middle of the band and glitter gold. (If your child is old enough ask them where the hat should go and glue it there)

 Step seven- With your tacky glue add two eyes and snippets of orange yarn for hair (again if your child is old enough let them show you where they think the hair and eyes should go).

Step eight- With your leftover red and brown use your thin paint brush to add a nose and mouth then allow everything to dry.

 Step nine- After everything has dried use your glue pen to outline the craft and glitter green

 Step ten- Once your glitter has dried flip over your leprechaun and cut out a shape from your green construction paper. Add words such as Happy St. Patrick’s Day or Kiss me I’m Irish… to the construction paper with your orange pen.
Step eleven- With tacky glue add the construction paper to the card stock then use your glue pen to outline the construction paper and glitter with gold.

Pudding Paint Bear
Shopping List

 Chocolate Pudding, Tape, Wet Wipes, Construction Paper (black, white and pink), Pink Marker, Wiggle Eyes and Scissors.

How do I make a Pudding Bear?

Step One- Tape down a piece of white construction paper to your child’s high chair.

Step Two- Place a small dollop of pudding onto the paper.

 Step Three- Put your child into the high chair and show them how to use their hands to spread around the pudding (if it’s their first time have a camera ready!)

 Step Four- After your little one has covered the paper with pudding carefully remove it and use the wet wipes to clean up your child and high chair.

Step Five- After the pudding has dried cut out one large circle (size is up to you) to create the head of the bear. Leave enough paper to cut out two half circles for ears.

 Step Six- Glue your half circle ears to your large circle to create the face of the bear. Next add two wiggle eyes.

 Step Seven- Use the black construction paper to create the nose, eyebrows, and mouth of your bear and assemble with glue.

 Step Eight- Using your pink construction paper cut out a bow shape then decorate with your pink marker. If you have a little boy you can leave the bow out and maybe substitute it for a baseball cap.

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