Monday, July 23, 2012

Monday's with Mika..Ahoy Matey

A Pirate’s Life for Me!

Supply List

 1 sheet of black construction paper, 2 red popsicle stick, 1 sheets of white computer paper, red paint, black paint, brown paint, skin toned paint, 1 thick paint brush, 1 thin tipped paint brush, wet wipes, 1 black sharpie, scissors, Elmer’s glue and tacky glue.

How do I make a Pirate Print?

Step One- Get out your white computer paper along with your paint brush, wet wipes and 4 paint colors. Place your child in a high chair or at the table with you.

Step Two- Use your thick paint brush and red paint to paint your child’s thumb and half of their palm red. Rinse paint brush and then use your thick paint brush again to paint the remainder of their palm skin toned. Rinse large paintbrush again and then paint the remaining 4 fingers black. Press your child’s hand firmly to the paper then remove and wipe clean with wet wipes.

Step Three- Allow time for the hand print to dry. When the handprint has dried take your black paint and fine tipped paintbrush and paint stripes across the red thumb and palm portion of your print. This will create a bandana look.

Step Four- Using the black paint and same thin tipped paint brush draw an eye patch on your pirate’s right eye. Use you paint brush to make a dot for the pirate's nose and left eye. Then add a smile. Allow time to dry.

 Step Five- Use your scissors to cut out your pirate leaving some white space to create a squiggly oval. Use your scissors again to cut out a rectangle then give it jagged sides.

Step Six- With Elmer’s glue paste your pirate onto the center of your black construction paper then use tacky glue and paste your 2 red Popsicle stick to the top and bottom of your black construction sheet.

Step Seven- With red paint and your fine tipped paint brush outline the white space around your pirate red. Allow time to dry.

Step Eight- Using you black sharpie write "A Pirates life for Me (or your child’s name)". Then use your sharpie to write your child’s name and the year the craft was made.

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