Wednesday, August 29, 2012

D is for Duck...

Are you ready to create some Letter D art?  Add this Ducky fun to your little one’s Alphabet Book. 

Shopping List:  white card stock, one piece of computer paper, green card stock, orange construction paper, blue marker, orange marker, green marker, yellow paint, paint brush, wet wipes, scissors and tacky glue

How do I make D for Duck Art?

Step One- Get your child, paint, paint brush, white computer paper and wet wipes ready. Paint your child’s hand yellow and press onto the computer paper. Wipe hands clean with wet wipes and then paint your child’s thumb yellow and press on top of the thumbprint pointing out (this serves as the duck’s head).

 Step Two- While you allow your paint time to dry take your white card stock and cut into a square this will be your background. Take your green card stock and cut out a rectangle that will fit a quarter of the way over your white background. Use your scissors to make points on the green card stock to look like grass.

Step Three- Paste your green grass onto your white card stock. Then use your orange construction paper and scissors to make two webbed feet for your duck, past them just above the grass.

Step Four- Using your scissors cut out the hand print and thumbprint. Tacky glue your hand print thumb pointing up onto the top of the webbed feet. Paste the yellow thumbprint on top of the thumb pointing out to look like a head.

 Step Five- Cut a small triangle with scissors to make a beak for your duck. Paste onto the thumbprint head. Use your blue marker to make an eye on the head of the duck. Next use your green marker to outline the tips of the grass blades.

Step Six- With your blue marker write D is for Duck across the white space above the duck, underline the letters D in the sentence. Then write the name and age of your child, accent with your orange marker. Use your orange marker to outline the white side on the right, left, and top of your white card stock. Then add to your alphabet book!

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