Party 101

For even more party ideas keep scrolling down to find a Farmer's Market Inspired Bridal Shower and a Candy Inspired 13th Birthday Celebration. 

Are you getting ready to plan a bridal shower or just looking for a unique theme for your party?  Check out the Farmer’s Market Bridal Shower Ideas from our guest blogger Jen.


Check out Cheyenne’s “Oh Sweet” 13th Birthday for ideas and inspirations when planning your next party.

Steps to a Great Party:
Pick a Theme

Pick a Location
Create a Menu
Send out Invitations

Decorate on the Big Day


Enjoy Yourself!


  1. So are you helping with the big bridal shower that will be coming up next February?

  2. Of course..I was going to start a Pin Board! We need to chat on a vision. I cannot wait!

  3. How much do I love both of you!!!! I cannot wait either! :)