Thursday, August 23, 2012

Fun with the Letter C...

What do I need?
1 cupcake wrapper, brown paint, pink paint, I thick paint paintbrush, 1 sheet white computer paper, shaving cream, school glue, 2 small cups, pink glitter, silver glitter, and tacky glue.

How do I make Cupcake Art?
Step One- Fold your cupcake wrapper down the middle then cut in half. Fold the two sides in and tacky glue onto your white computer paper.

Step Two- Combine shaving cream, school glue, a few drops of pink paint and some glitter into a cup. Stir with paintbrush. This should create a foamy mixture. Sort of like icing. If you feel it isn't puffy enough add more shaving cream or glue as needed. Repeat the above steps with brown paint and silver glitter.

Step Three- Use your paint brush and brown puffy paint to make the cake part of your cupcake. Apply like your doing dots on a page. Use quick paint motions instead of long strokes to create texture.

Step Four- Clean your paint brush and allow time for your brown paint to dry. When it has dried use your pink puff mixture and paint brush to make the icing of your cupcake.

Be creative with the shape of the icing you do much like real cupcakes.

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