Wednesday, September 12, 2012

E is for Elephant

E is for Elephant

Supplies- Two sheets white computer paper, wet wipes, scissors, one thick paint brush, one thin paint brush, school glue, tacky glue, one wiggle eye, light blue sharpie marker, dark blue sharpie marker, black sharpie marker, gray paint and green paint.

Step One- Use your gray paint, paint brush and white computer paper. Paint your child’s hand gray, spread their fingers apart and press onto the white paper. Wipe hands clean with your wet wipes.

Step Two- Allow time for paint to dry then use your black sharpie marker to make the details on your elephant. Make three squiggly marks on the thumb to look like the trunk. Then use the marker to add hooves to the remaining four fingers. Draw an ear on the palm print.

Step Three- Next use your scissors to cut out your hand print elephant and glue to your second sheet of computer paper with school glue. Leave room for outline and grass when you glue.

Step Four- Use your tacky glue and glue your wiggly eye onto your elephant. Then take your sharpie marker and draw a tail onto your elephant.

Step Five- Use your light blue sharpie and outline all four sides of your art project. Then use your thin paintbrush and green paint to paint grass below your elephant’s feet.

Step Six- Use your dark blue sharpie and write "E is for Elephant" and the name of your child and the year the craft was created.

Step Seven- Underline the letters E with the dark blue sharpie then accent with the light blue and add to your alphabet book!

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