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What better time to post a segment on how you can transform a room with paint, then when Ace Hardware is giving away free paint for the weekend?
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In my bedroom, all it took was a quart of paint, a glass of wine and a brush!  I am so not a painter, but I was also not into the dreaded wallpaper and really wanted a change. 

I just used complimenting warm colors to create a design, which flowed structurally with the room design.  I love how it turned out and I have found it very easy to match with new bedding and color changes, since it is all in the realm of neutral. 

Here are the results…

Basically, I designed the bottom corner when you walk in and the top corner on the main wall.  I also put a little flare by the door going out to tie it all together!

Get creative this weekend and take advantage of some free paint to let your imagination soar.  I would love to see what you can design.

Until Next Time-
Get Creative

Having a baby is an amazing experience and crazy journey. Decorating the nursery was equally as exciting for me. Running around town looking for inspiration with my daughter and husband was pretty amazing. Scouring websites like Etsy and Rate My Space also proved very inspirational. I really wanted to design a nursery theme which would grow with my baby from infant to toddler.
As I was searching I kept coming back to the idea of the growing theme and the beautiful, inspiring images from Winnie the Pooh when I was a child.

I decided I would create a tree for my baby which would serve as a place for him to one day imagine and create as far as his little mind would take him (which I have found out is pretty far.) My husband painted the tree for me while I looked on in amazement at his mad skills of turning my vision into a reality.

As Aiden has grown, I have had to become increasingly creative with the use of space in his bedroom. Really, he has found every way possible to climb, explore and make a crazy mess.
I want him to be able to go to his bedroom and be able to relax, keeping in mind I would like to avoid the mess factor as much as possible. Our family friend kindly donated a play house which was no longer in use, which has made all the difference.
Aiden's house has become a tiny nook for him to play with his toys, get mail from the mail slot and talk to his sister on the phone while she is at school. Truly, it has also become a great place for him to carry out his mischievous activities such as hiding things in his "backyard."
I could not be happier with how his room has transitioned from nursery to toddler. Aiden has a place to grow, learn, create, "plan" and explore in and about each day with a tree in his backyard.

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