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The hubby has been busy working on his new book, The Doorknob Adventures, which is a Young Adult Fiction Series.  The book is truly amazing and I eagerly await the chapters as he finishes them.
In the meantime, he has also been trying to keep up with me and update his blog!  The new look is modern and very sleek.  I am really feeling like the change is good, really good.
I would love it if you popped over and visited him at Dreams to Draft to read about his writing journey.  Make sure you tell him I sent you!
Christmas Comes Early…
Were you waiting at the edge of your seat to read some more of Jim’s amazing work?  
 He has been very busy entertaining…I mean teaching his Middle School students, but wait no longer. 
 He just released the introduction to two of his upcoming young adult novels. 
Head over to his blog, Dreams to Draft to check out the exciting new releases!

A New Look at Chance Falls…

Things I am loving today… my hubby being an amazing writer and the glorious new cover he designed for his debut young adult fiction novel.  I think this cover captures the look and feel of fall; I can almost smell the leaves and hear the kiddos trick-or-treating. 

So here it is... my shameless plug…check out the book.  I promise from the perspective of a Middle School/High School Language Arts teacher and devoted wife you will be glad you stopped by Chance Falls!


Ok…so the hubby has written an amazing young adult fiction novel called Chance Falls and it is available now on Amazon.  We are so excited to see this project get published.  After reading, editing and working with him to get this completed I feel like the characters are part of our family.  I hope you will feel the same!

There is also a Teachers Edition in case you would like to use Chance Falls in your classroom or with your Home School Kiddos!

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