Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Letter of the Week...B

B is for Bumble Bee

Shopping List
1 sheet white computer paper, 1 sheet of decorative card stock, black paint, yellow paint, 1 thick paint brush, 1 fine tipped paint brush, scissors, tacky glue, Elmer’s glue, green marker, pink marker, pink glitter and wet wipes.

How do I make a Bumble Bee?
Step One- Get your white computer paper, yellow paint, paint brushes, wet wipes, and child ready.

Step Two- Use your yellow paint and thick paint brush and paint the bottom of your child’s foot yellow. Use a hard surface and place computer paper on top of it then press your child’s painted foot onto the paper. Wipe clean with wet wipes.

Step Three- Allow time for the footprint to dry then use your black paint and fine tipped paint brush and paint four lines above the toes and below the heel. This creates the stripes on your bumblebee’s body.

Step Four- Take your fine tip paint brush and place two dots for eyes and a half circle as a smile onto the heel of the print. This is your bumblebees head. Use your fine tipped paintbrush again to make petal shaped wings on the body of your bee.

Step Five- Draw two 1in lines coming from the top of your bumblebees head then add a large black dot to the end of each one. These are the antennas of your bumblebee. Allow time for all the paint to dry.

Step Six- Tacky glue your computer paper with your bumblebee onto your decorative card stock. Your card stock may have to be cut to size with scissors. Then take your green marker and write B is for Bumble bee across the top of your computer paper above your footprint bumblebee. Underline the B's in the sentence with green marker. Use your green marker again to write your child’s name and month and year your craft was created in the bottom corners.

Step Seven- With your pink marker outline the white computer paper square and underline the B's again.

 Step Eight- Use Elmer’s glue to outline the top and bottom lines of your white computer paper then sprinkle with pink glitter.

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