Monday, May 21, 2012

Don't Call Me Crabby...Lobster Art with Mika

What do I need to make Lobster Art with my Little One?
one sheet of decorative card stock, two sheet of white printer paper, black sharpie, red paint, paint brush, tacky glue, Elmer's glue, scissors, wet wipes and wiggle eyes.

How do  I make Lobster Art? 
Step One- With your red paint and paintbrush paint the bottom of your child's foot red.

Step Two- Have your white computer paper ready by placing it on top of a hard surface and then pressing your child's painted foot onto the paper.

Step Three- Wipe child's foot clean with a wet wipe.

 Step Four- Paint one of your child's hands red and press down onto the same white paper in an open spot. Clean hand with wet wipe and repeat with your child's other hand.

 Step Five- Allow time for the prints to dry. While you wait use your tacky glue, card stock, and last sheet of computer paper to make your background. Tacky glue the computer paper to the card stock. and leave to dry.

Step Six- If your footprint and hand prints are dry cut out each individual print leaving a little white space on each.

Step Seven- Assemble the prints to match the lobster picture. Two hand prints on top and the footprint creates the torso. Glue the footprint with the heel facing up.

Step Eight- with your paintbrush make a red line connecting the hand prints to the footprint (creating arms).

Step Nine- After the paint has dried use your sharpie to draw a mouth on your lobster and two lines coming out from the heel (head) of the lobster then tacky glue your wiggle eyes to the end of each line.

Step Ten- Above your lobster in sharpie write "Lobster art" or "don't call me crabby" then below the lobster write "oceans of love" with your child's name and the year the craft was made.

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