Tuesday, December 18, 2012

White Chocolate M&M Pretzel Candy

In preparation for all the upcoming holiday entertaining, the Fabulously Smitten team will be sharing some of our favorite recipes for you to use and help create your menu for the holidays. 

To kick off the holiday recipe extravaganza, we tried this amazing White Chocolate M&M Candy dish.  Use it for a dinner party, gifts for your neighbors or a special treat for yourself.  YUM!

Shopping List
1 bag of twisted pretzels
1 bag of red and green holiday M&M’s
1 box of Vanilla CandiQuik (in the baking isle)
Tin foil

How do I make
White Chocolate M&M Pretzel Candy?

Lay out your tin foil and place your pretzels on it. Be sure that all the pretzels are touching but not overlapping.

Once you have laid out your pretzels open your M&M’s and use them all to fill the holes in the pretzels.

Next take your Candiquik out of its packaging and place in the microwave for the time suggested on the instuctions (appox a min and a half) or until melted (be careful because if you heat it for too long you won’t be able to use it).

Stir your chocolate with a spoon to assure it has all melted.

 Using the same spoon scoop with your choclate, spread the choclate onto your pretzels. 

Allow time for your pretzels to dry then break them apart and give as gifts or enjoy with your family!



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