Thursday, February 16, 2012

Live an Inspired Life

Celebrating Fajita Night!

It dawned on me tonight as I was thinking about my next post...we all deserve to celebrate our inspirations on a daily basis.

What would you celebrate if you were not doing the dishes, running kids to extra-curricular activities, folding laundry or racing to get papers graded for those kiddos that meet you bright eyed at the door Monday through Friday?

What would you celebrate?  I decided the little things, like getting Aiden James(my 16 month old) to not scale absolutely everything in the house, making sure Cheyenne (my 13 year old) has her homework done and keeps reading with all the passion she found in her latest Young Adult Series, and making sure Jim gets to relax when he gets home after making a difference in the lives of his Middle School students.  These evening tasks to most would seem dull, but should be celebrated because they make my family mine and whole and deliciously wonderful.

What tiny inspirations would you celebrate?

I would love to hear your thoughts and comments!
Until Next Time-
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