Saturday, October 6, 2012

G is for Ghost

 Supply List- Black card stock, green construction paper, yellow card stock, orange construction paper, 1 thin tipped paint brush, one thick paint brush, black paint, white paint, tacky glue, scissors, wet wipes and a blue sharpie marker

Step One- Get out wet wipes, paint brushes, paint and green construction paper. Using your white paint and thick paint brush paint the bottom of your child’s foot white. Press firmly onto your green construction paper and allow time to dry. Wipe your child’s foot clean with wet wipes.

Step Two- Use your scissors and yellow construction paper to cut out a circle then take your black card stock and cut it into a rectangle. Tacky glue your yellow circle to the far right of your black card stock.

Step Three- Cut out your foot print ghost and paste it sideways with the toes pointing down and to the left.

 Step Four- Take your orange construction paper and cut it into a rectangle with rounded sides. Use your leftover green paper and cut it into a square.

Step Five- Tacky glue your orange rounded rectangle to the bottom of your black paper then take your green square and write "G is for Ghost" on it and the year the craft was made. Glue the green square on top of the orange rectangle.

Step Six- Use your black paint and fine tipped paint brush and make two circles for the eyes and a circle for the mouth on the heel on your foot print ghost. Allow time to dry then add to your alphabet book!

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