Sunday, August 4, 2013

Let's Go Shopping...Instagram Shops

Shopping online has reached an all time high due to convenience and availability.  However, sometimes it is hard to get a good deal because of crazy shipping prices.  

If you are like me and you love to go thrifiting and get a good bargain then get ready to get addicted to Instagram Shops!  The English Teacher in me just cannot stop…so you are getting the breakdown of Instagram Shops Middle School style...5W's & an H. (You know you just smiled and thought about your Middle School English Teacher!)

Fabulous Mommies all over the Country
Think of Instagram Shops just like a consignment store…except even more glorious.  They offer name brands, great prices and wonderful customer service at most stores.  In some cases you can even score items new with the tags on them! 
On Instagram which is super convenient.
Mommies are reselling their kids clothing to trade or purchase new clothes for their kids or help add to the family income.  I was able to get my kids school supplies and help with groceries this summer thanks to my IG shop.
Just sign up for Instagram and start following @thesmittentoddler.  Check out the shops I am following and start finding deals! I like to follow Mommies who offer name brands, answer my questions quickly and have low prices. 

Ready to get started?  Check out these terms which will
help you navigate the IG Shop world.

Instagram Lingo Cheat Sheet

NWT-New With Tags
NWOT-New Without Tags
ECU-Excellent Used Condition
GUC-Good Used Condition
TTS-True to Size
PC-Play Condition

You are downloading Instagram right now aren’t you? Here are some shops you must check out which offer a good selection and great prices.

 I do hope you will stop over to @TheSmittenToddler and check out my shop and of course visit the lovely ladies I have shared with you.  Be sure to check back on Tuesday…I will be posting a breakdown of how to open your own IG Shop and earn a little to help out your family!  Xoxo


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