Thursday, August 1, 2013

And Here We Go...

To all of my readers who have eagerly awaited my latest post…and waited…and waited….thanks for sticking around.As many of you know, I started a new job which has taken all of my time and energy. 
Tons of new transitions have been going on in my home for the past couple of months. My family has been in constant transition with traveling and switching schedules, but they still managed to keep their sense of humor. 


I also have decided that tan fat is so much better than just plain old white fat and that has given me tons of self motivation to start running!  (I also pinky swore to my daughter that we will be doing the Color Run.  I mean any reason to make a tu-tu and wear knee socks seems like a win to me, right?)  But more to come later on the Rocking New Job, my new Insatgram Shop, Personal Changes and how I feel about Aiden James heading to Daycare!
With Summer fading and the new school year beginning I will be sharing some Must Have Lists for Toddlers & Teenagers.  It is also time to bust out some sweet Mommy Adventures, New Recipes including Yummy Tomato Pie and French Vanilla White Chocolate Cupcakes...which incidentally is why I have to run!
I hope you will stick with me as we get into all kinds of trouble this school year.  Here we go....

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