Sunday, March 3, 2013

Ribbon DIY Rack

All of these home projects have put me in the mood to organize everything, plus I cannot seem to tear myself away from Pinterest.  I may need an intervention! 

If you recall a little while back, I did a re-organization of my craft supplies.  You can read more on that organization hereMy ribbon supply is pretty small right now, but it was a mess.  Check out the before…

Ok…I know it was a shameful mess!  Here is the after.  I used the Martha Stewart Ribbon Organizing box which you can purchase here.

 I also had to share with you this amazing ribbon rack that my friend Cathy made…all by herself. 
Now Cathy is a rock star because I always have to ask the hubby for help when using power tools, but she is my inspiration to give it a try on my next DIY project. 

 Kathy found the dimensions from here and got to work.  Not only does she have an amazing collection of ribbon but her new organizer was too amazing not to share.  What are you organizing in 2013?

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