Monday, February 25, 2013

Nursery to Toddler Bedroom

As I was working on my Bloggy Space Make-Over, I needed to add a link to Aiden’s Nursery.  When I went back to find the link, I realized that Aiden’s Nursery was one of the first things I ever blogged about over a year ago and I did not do the space justice.  

So here are some pictures of Aiden’s Nursery, where I purchased key items and some of the DIY projects we have created for his toddler room since. 

Originally, I found the image we used to draw the tree here on Etsy. The tree was actually my inspiration for the whole space. 
I loved how the circles made the tree seem modern and I really wanted to be able to use the tree as Aiden grew into a toddler.

Since the tree was actually a Vinyl Decal Sticker, I could not get the size I wanted for the room. 
So we went into DIY mode and my hubby used our projector to display the image on the wall.  Then he got busy tracing, tracing and tracing...oh and painting, which took about a day.  I got to watch from a comfy chair, since I was 6 months pregnant when we created the tree!
Here are the paint colors we used from Lowe's: Olympic Interior Flat Brown 101-7y21, Light Green 103-2y5.5, Darker Green 103-7.5 
 If you would like to find a similar tree you can find one here on Etsy.

The letters were purchased at Hobby Lobby and were originally gold.  Each letter was $10, but I watched and waited until they ran the 50% off coupon and got them each for $5. Score!  I painted the letters with leftover paint from the tree. 

Aiden’s bedding set was purchased from JC Penney’s.  I hunted everywhere to find plain bedding that was high quality.  If you can tell from the picture the bedding actually has circles which pick up the circles from the tree.  I picked up the entire set including bumper, fitted crib sheet, skirt and quilt for $125 on sale.  Unfortunately, this bedding is no longer available.

Both the Crib and Changing Table were purchased from Target as a gift to Aiden from my parents. The Crib is a three in one so Aiden can use it as a toddler and teenager.  You can find the Crib here and the Changing Table here.  The Chair was borrowed from a family friend.  The Curtain and Rod were also purchased from Target.  You can find the Curtains here but the Curtain Rod is no longer available.
When I purchased the paint for the tree we found out it was actually cheaper to buy an entire gallon instead of just a pint. 
I am so glad we did this because I have had the extra paint on hand for several DIY projects since like this mirror & bench.
This bench is my favorite addition to the toddler version of Aiden's room.  We got it from my neighbors who were throwing it away.  Originally, it was light wood and the seat was cream colored and all stained up.  We used the left over paint again and a crib sheet to transform this bench into an adorable reading bench for Aiden.  As an extra plus, the drawer pulls out for some great storage.

I have been so happy with how Aiden's room turned out.  I think it has been the perfect nursery to toddler bedroom.  

I would love to hear what you all think about this nursery turned toddler room transformation!

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  1. So cute! I love the bench. We also recently made the transition from nursery to toddler room and are now incorporating the two with addition of a new little girl in May. Thanks so much for sharing at Whimsy Wednesdays.