Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Recycled Art...

I loved spending time with my family over the holidays.  I also loved getting some much needed craft time in! 

This recycled project turned out great, so I had to share it with you all. I LOVE the finished product.

Here is what I used...

Old Picture…originally from T.J. Maxx about 10 years ago

Burlap Fabric Scrap…left over from my classroom

Metal Letters….salvaged from my dad’s recycling company

Here is what I did...

1.) Gathered all my supplies including my materials, scissors and my trusty hot glue gun

2.)Cut the back off the Old Picture

3.)Covered the Old Print in Burlap using the Hot Glue to attach it

4.)Placed Metal Letters

5.)Hot Glued Metal Letters

6.)Put Picture Back together…rather pleased with myself!

7.)Hung Up My New Recycled Art…still rather pleased with myself!


If you would like to create a project like this but are not a hoarder (like I am) you could get similar supplies here:

Joann Fabrics


What have you been creating?  Share your page, project or idea in the comment section below!

Until Next Time-

Get Creative

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