Thursday, September 27, 2012

Fall Fun with the Letter F...

F is for Frankenstein

Shopping List- one sheet white computer paper, one thick paint brush, one fine tipped paint brush, two google eyes, scissors, wet wipes, green paint, black paint and tacky glue.

Step One- Get your child, paper, paints, brushes and wet wipes ready.

Step Two- Paint your child’s palm green then paint their fingers black minus the thumb. Press their painted hand onto the paper then wipe hands clean with wet wipes.

 Step Three- Allow time for the paints to dry then use your tacky glue to paste your two wiggle eyes onto your Frankenstein.

Step Four- Use your fine tip paint brush and black paint to add a nose, mouth and bolts to the neck of your Frankenstein. 

Step Five-Add to your ABC book for some Fall Fun!

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