Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day Craft for the Kiddos

Celebrate with a Bold Centerpiece or enjoy Lunch with a Creative Placemat...

Having a picnic to celebrate Memorial Day, or maybe you’re going to a family celebration?  Take a quick minute with your little ones to create a flag placemat or centerpiece!

What do I need?
White Paper
Red Finger Paint
Blue Construction Paper
Yellow Construction Paper

How do I make a Flag Placemat?

1.     Cut out a square of blue construction paper and glue it in the upper left corner of your white paper.

2.    Cut out yellow stars and glue them onto blue paper.

3.    Get your little ones foot ready with the red finger paint on their feet and start making stripes.

4.    Let it dry for about 5 minutes & you’re done!

This is a quick craft that will make a bold statement at any Memorial Day Event; you can even use it again for the upcoming Fourth of July Events! 
Until Next Time-
Get Creative

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