Thursday, March 8, 2012

Mommy Adventures in Toys

Aiden is a dream baby; he never cries, has fits or throws things.  He also eats applesauce like a true gentleman. 

Yea right!  In order to keep up with his continually learning, growing and fit throwing habits, I have made a toy calendar that works for us.

Weekly Toy Calendar

Mega Block Monday-Sweet Jumbo Lego Playtime, such creative fun time. 

Truckin’ Tuesday-All of the loud and alarming trucks my dad sends and we truly appreciate…no we really do!

Wacky Wooden Wednesday-I have an obsession with Melissa & Doug wooden toys and try to get them for Aiden whenever we can.  My mom has also contributed greatly to his mini collection!  (I will be posting tomorrow on how to score these toys for a discount/free through reward points and bargain shopping. Be sure to check back!)

Story time Thursday-All things book…including his LeapFrog Scout Reader, which he just turns on and off for the cool noise it makes, and all of his board books. 

Freestyle Fridays-The plastic toys acquired from random Happy Meals and other toys he hasn’t played with during the week!

A Toddler's Perspective:
     Hello everyone, I am so glad you could stop by and check out my toy calendar.  My Mommy posted this thing (which she said is fancy) on my door and the next thing I know all of my toys are in bins in my closet.  I told her that I can’t read yet; she said the list was more for the grown-ups in the house so they could keep things straight. 
But what about my toys?
     Each day now, Mommy brings out a new bin and tells me what today’s theme will be. I am partial to Truckin’ Tuesdays, and I don’t think those trucks make that much noise.  Just the beeping, revving up, and siren variety noise nothing to extravagant!  I don’t know why mommy makes such a face on Tuesdays.  But I digress…
     I get to play with the theme bin of toys for the whole day, and it seems like each day I have a whole new set of toys, which is really cool. Plus, I also get to play with the bin, and all of you other toddlers out there know how SWEET boxes are to play with!
     I think the Toy Calendar is a success, because I am never bored with just one toy or so many toys I don’t know where to start.  I would highly suggest it to other Mommies out there.

If you are looking for a solution to the toy dilemma, try a calendar.  E-mail me if you would like a copy to tweak and make you own.

Until Next Time-
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  1. I've never thought of making a toy calendar! This is a very unique idea!! Thanks for sharing and for visiting my site :)

  2. That is a brilliant idea!! We have so many toys in this house, we are pretty much overrun!!

    1. one has ever said one of my ideas is brilliant! You are wonderful! Thanks for stopping by and making me smile!

  3. thanks for sharing on Serenity Saturday!
    Can't wait to see what you link up later today!

    Natasha xxx