Monday, December 24, 2012

Snowmen for the whole family

Making a Snowman Bar is an amazing way to spend quality time with the family and get your Holiday table decorated.

I used supplies I had around the house so my total cost was $0!

At our Snowman Bar everyone decorated their own, even my husband and toddler. 

In fact, my husband got creative and made his look like Rudolph! 

These Snowmen are simple and enjoyable for the whole family!
Each Snowman will be placed as a place card at our Holiday Table.

Supply List
Toilet Paper Rolls
Cotton Balls
Orange and Black paper

How do I make a Snowman Place Card?
Cover your toilet paper roll with glue and attach cotton balls.
I cut out the noses, eyes and buttons and had them ready.
Everyone made their own hat!
Get started getting creative with your decorations, and attach with glue.
Have fun & enjoy the family time.
Happy Holidays from the Fabulously Smitten Family.

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