Monday, June 18, 2012

Microwaveable Puffy Paint...yes please!

Microwaveable Puffy Paint

Trying to add some dimension to those summer days with your kiddos?  We tried this great microwaveable puffy paint recipe from Family Fun Magazine.  Practicing vowel sounds, roaring like a dinosaur and spreading the love made for an amazing afternoon of creative fun!

What do I need?
Card stock/Paper/ or Coloring Pages
Q-Tips or Paint Brushes
1 Tablespoon of Flour
1 Tablespoon of Salt
1 Teaspoon of Baking Soda
2 Tablespoons of Water
Several Drops of Food Coloring…we used Neon!

How do I make Microwaveable Puffy Paint?
Mix the ingredients together. 

We used small containers to make it easier to pick your colors. 

Draw your creations or you can use printable coloring pages…the Q-tips work great if you don’t have paint brushes. 

My little guy even used his finger, we were having some artistic disagreements about staying in the lines. 

My older daughter and her friend had fun creating as well and did their work freehand. 
When you are done painting, microwave for 20 seconds to get that cool added dimension.

Great activity for a rainy summer day or even a wind-down evening activity. 
We had enough paint to use some the next day as well and just stored the containers in Ziploc bags!

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  1. Such a fun summer idea. My kiddos are too busy or too old for this now but shoot, I may have to just try it myself. or babysit for a friend. :D Thanks for sharing this week on BeColorful.