Saturday, June 2, 2012

Are you a Hungry Catepillar?

Who doesn’t remember reading The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle as a child? 
Make some new memories with your little one by creating Palm Print Very Hungry Caterpillar Art.

How do I make a Palm Print Caterpillar?

What you need- Red construction paper, white computer paper, red, green, yellow, and black paint, scissors, 1 fine tip paint brush, I thick paint brush, glue stick, glue pen, green glitter, wet wipes and a black sharpie marker.

Step one- Put your child in high chair and get your green and red paint ready along with your wet wipes.

Step Two- Place your sheet of white paper onto a hard surface then paint the palm of your babies left or right hand green. Press the palm print onto the paper (6-8 times) creating an arch (you may have to reapply green paint as needed). After the arch is complete remove sheet and wipe babies hand clean.

Step 3- Paint your child’s right or left palm red and press onto the tip of the right or left end of green palm prints. Wipe child’s hand clean and allow prints time to dry.

Step Four- Using black paint and a fine tip paint brush paint two ears onto the caterpillars head. Using the same brush make feet for the caterpillar. Four feet in the front and two in the back. Allow time to dry.

Step Five- With yellow Paint make two yellow ovals on the caterpillars red head allow time to dry then with green paint add two dots on top of the yellow ovals. Below the eyes place a green dot as a nose.

Step Six- Accent the ears with a soft yellow outline on the outside of the black paint then with your green make an outline on top of your green palm prints to show the humps of your caterpillar.

Step Seven- When all your paint has dried use your scissors to cut out the caterpillar leaving a little white as a border.

Step Eight- With scissors cut your red construction paper into any shape you like as long as there is room for your words and caterpillar. With your glue stick glue your caterpillar cut out onto the red paper.

Step Nine- With your sharpie write the words "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" above your caterpillar then below write your child’s name and age or the year the craft is created.

Step Ten- With your glue pen outline your red construction paper and then glitter with your green glitter. Allow time to dry and then add to your craft collection!

Tip- To make this art even more kid crafted use finger prints to create the ears and feet with brown or black paint if your child is patient or old enough!

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