Friday, March 9, 2012

Mommy Adventures in Toys

I mentioned yesterday I have an obsession with Melissa & Doug toys.  These toys are wooden, super durable, and educational which I think is greatly lacking in some of the toys found on the market. 

I also LOVE that each toy comes with a detailed list of extension activities to encourage creativity. For example, the Sandwich Making Set can work with learning colors, numbers, fractions and general identification of yummy sandwich ingredients. With all these options, the toy really grows as your little one does.

 For more information on the educational value of these toys you can check out the main page:

All M& D toys range from $10 to $100 plus in price. I believe they are well worth the price for the quality, but it is always best to hunt for a good deal!  Remember these toys make great presents from Grandparents and wonderful shower presents for new Mommies.

I love to score these toys by using my Huggies Enjoy the Ride Rewards Points.  I know it does take a while to build up the points and you have to type in the codes but it is totally worth the effort.  In fact, since Aiden was born we have gotten three different M&D toys completely free.  Here is the link for the Huggies Reward Program:

Some other places to score great M&D deals are at the following retailers & sites:

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